What is a Chatbot? Why Your Website Must Have it in 2020

What is a Chatbot? Why should I integrate it into my website/blog? How do I build one? Is it expensive being a new buzz-word around? You must be a business owner. I had the same questions during my startup journey. It was often frustrating for my team to answer the same queries of the customers … Read more

Web Hosting for WordPress – Complete Buying Guide for 2020

wordpress logo web hosting

We often ignore the part of choosing the best web hosting for our WordPress website. We just see the lucrative cheap pricing and jump for it. I’ve been in the same place. But trust me that’s the worst thing you can do. My website used to crash whenever it had more than 20 visitors. But … Read more

Bluehost Web Hosting Honest Review 2020

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You might be thinking this is one of those articles where Bluehost (Check Website) would have paid me to write only positive things and rank them as #1. No sir, this Bluehost honest review is completely unbiased, personal and brutally honest. Why am I doing that? Because I believe in transparency and you’ll keep coming … Read more

How to Start Blogging in 2020 | Free Step By Step Guide

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Note: This is not a get rich quick scheme. It needs a lot of patience and a small investment of $50-$70. There’s no shortcut to blogging. If you’re impatient and not sure whether to spend so much money, I would recommend looking for other money-making options. Blogging is definitely not for you.  I usually talk … Read more