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Heyflow Review 2020: Detailed, Honest & Unbiased


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  • Lesser Features
  • Less sessions compared to Pricing

Okay before you think this one of those reviews where I give all 5 stars, I want to tell this Heyflow review is brutally honest and unbiased. I was recently trying to install Hotjar on one of my websites to understand heatmaps, session replays, and user behavior. This time, I was purchasing a paid plan. So I thought of doing some more research before binding myself with Hotjar. A new startup popped up in front of my eye – Heyflow (Get special lifetime access here). I had used Hotjar earlier for my clients, but this was something new to me.

I decided to try this out (that’s what I do – test, review & compare).

But, what is Heyflow exactly?

In simple terms, it is a tool that allows you to see how your visitors or users are really using your website, where they are clicking the most (known as heatmaps), how much they are scrolling with complete session recording, and playback. Each and every movement is recorded.

These kinds of tools are widely used by product managers, UI/UX designers. But I believe everyone should have these kinds of tools – Especially small businesses and startups to understand their visitor’s behavior. Most of the time our website looks super-cool to us but not to the visitors.

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Summary of this Heyflow Review

As I always do this, before getting into the technical details I share my summary on top instead of the bottom. As 90% of the visitors won’t even read the full review. I’ve explained things very clearly and layman’s terms.

Do I recommend Heyflow?

The short answer is Yes. I used it for a week and have got my hands on to many features. The best thing I found was their script loading speed as they claim to have – 122ms. Unlike other players in the industry, Heyflow doesn’t have any limitation on the number of users. I purposefully tried to contact their support by acting like a noob, the support agent was really helpful, quick, and supportive enough. They also show important data like Google Analytics, but useful ones. The pricing didn’t impress me but they have a lifetime offer running right now (April 2020) – Click here to check. The lifetime offer is a must-grab.

Features of Heyflow

Here are the key features of Heyflow:

1. Session Recordings

You can watch the recordings of the complete session. Where the visitor has clicked or tapped, where he has moved the cursor and when they have scrolled down across the page. But, this is not really helpful and I don’t recommend watching each and every recording. But thankfully, the filtering system is included. This makes your life a lot easier. For example, if you want to watch only a certain recording where the visitor has initiated the checkout, you can easily set a filter and watch the recordings.

2. Heatmaps

This is a visual representation of the behavior of the visitors – where they are clicking/tapping, how much they are scrolling. It takes more than 100 visitors to understand the data. Just, like the recordings, you can filter the data by URL, devices, and countries. Heatmaps look something like this:

heatmaps analyticsThe red mark here represents the most clicked area/button on the website.

3. Analytics

Heyflow gives stronger analytics compared to other providers. Though it resembles Google Analytics, if you’re a hardcore web analyst, you’re not going to like it. It gives you basic details like page views, traffic source, session events, countries, and devices.

4. Conversion Funnel

A basic funnel but quite good to show you where exactly your visitors are leaving the website within the funnel. It can be really useful if you don’t have your own data analysis team.

Check Complete Heyflow Features


Plans & Pricing

It has 3 plans as of now – Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. I would say Standard Plan here is of no use considering there’s no heatmap option available and it gives you only 15 session replays. There’s two option of payment here – monthly and yearly. In yearly payments, you can expect a discount of up to 20%.

Monthly Plan:heyflow monthly plan

Yearly Plan:

heyflow yearly plan

In Pro Plan, you can add up to 3 websites that don’t seem to be really useful and it can track up to 50,000 sessions per month. Whereas in the Enterprise plan, it’s 10 websites (again not useful) with 150,000 sessions per month. There’s one more plan and it seems to be the best plan for anyone – The Lifetime Plan. Pay $79 once, and own it forever. I strongly recommend getting this plan if possible. You get it at almost the same price as the Yearly Enterprise Plan.

heyflow lifetime plan

They also provide custom pricing for large traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I integrate Heyflow to my WordPress Website?

Yes, it can be integrated with any website by adding the tracking code into the header. If you have any difficulties, you can always reach support. (This is where I tried their support).

2. Can I try a fully unlocked plan?

Yes, you can visit their website and click on Try it free Button.

3. Can I upgrade my plan if my traffic increases?


4. Is my data safe with them?

They claim to be GDPR Compliant, anyhow a growing company doesn’t jeopardize themselves by messing with data.

Heyflow Vs Hotjar – Which one is better?

This actually demands a separate article. Obviously Hotjar is the older player and has been in the industry for years. Hotjar has extra features that I would never use. Both are equally good. I believe Hotjar has got tough competition and it would be fun to see who succeeds. Check the complete comparison between all the alternatives here.

Final Thoughts – Heyflow Review

By now you might have guessed how I’m fanboying Heyflow. I fell in love with the UI and UX of the dashboard. The easy and quick setup was amazing. Heyflow is new in the market and I’m sure more features will be added with time and success. It may have some downsides which went unnoticed by me. But, everything can be forgiven due to their awesome customer support.

What do you think? Would you try Heyflow? Let me know in the comments.

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