How to Get Email Subscribers for your Blog – 9 Best & Fast Ways

You probably have started a new blog and getting great traffic. Congratulations that you’re growing! Your next question would be how to get email subscribers for your blog. Right?

Subscribers are the lifeline for any blog. Let me explain how – God forbid but one day Google comes up with an update and wipes off your rankings. What would you do?

“Obviously try to get those rankings back? Duh”

But this can take a huge amount of time and meanwhile the only thing that is going to keep you running is your email subscribers.

Now you must be thinking “I know this already Nikhil! That’s why I’m here. Tell me something new.”

I know. I know. But that was for newbie bloggers who procrastinate to adopt Email Marketing.

One of my friends was earning 5 Figures every month through blogging. But he lost everything overnight. He started one more blog and it took him 6-10 months again to reach there. But this time he had around 50,000 email subscribers.

Now he sends targetted emails every week and earns thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. And, he has helped me in creating this list. I also have a 3-day email course. You can learn to start your email list from 0 to 100 in 3 days.

So here are the 99 best and fast ways of getting email subscribers which you can implement right away:

1. Create an Attractive Subscription Form

Most of the blogs have old-fashioned simple subscription forms no matter how appealing their website looks. Subconsciously, people ignore the unattractive things. Even if they notice, they would probably ignore it.

Let’s say you live in the most beautiful city and there’s a nice park but, next to a garbage dump. Would you ever prefer to go there? No right?

That’s how it works when it comes to getting an email subscriber. So next time, have a better form.

In 2020, you don’t even have to be a great coder to create forms. I use ConverKit for creating subscription forms and manage my complete email marketing. (Open your ConvertKit free account here)

Here are some examples of the subscription forms:

email subscription newsletter ExampleBlog Categories Subscription Form

2. Use Exit-Intent Popups

There might be instances where visitors don’t notice the subscription form. Even if it is attractive as the above examples. That’s when exit-intent popups come to rescue.

You can offer them an exclusive eBook or simply ask for signing up for the newsletter.

So whenever people try to exit your website, they will be offered something cool. Something like this:

exit intent popup


3. Offer them Something they can’t Refuse

No one visits any blog without a purpose. They come here to learn something. Right? How about you offer them your “Exclusive” or “Extended” knowledge?

Create an ebook and offer it for free in exchange for their email address. You can hire an expert on Fiverr for writing your ebook or to create your ebook cover.

When visitors get a free ebook or anything for that matter, they are likely to enter their email without any hesitation. But make sure that ebook is related to the article they have come to read. Example:

But for this, make sure you have a proper email system in place. I tried this manually coding. I was offering my visitors a calculator in exchange for their email address. There wasn’t any proper validation for emails.

Visitors were entering random emails and still getting access to the ebook.

When I switched to ConvertKit, my life was easy. Now the ebook is delivered to their inbox. So, wrong email addresses aren’t gonna work.

The best part is you can create unlimited forms at ConvertKit. (Even if you are on their free plan)

Open a free account on ConvertKit

4. Check Heatmaps

Heatmaps allow you to see where people are clicking the most, which section of your website they are spending their time, and how they are interacting with the website as a whole.

If someone is spending their time reading a specific paragraph of your article, that means they are liking. You can add your email subscription form just after that.

But how would you get that Heatmap? I use Heyflow (Check my detailed review about Heyflow).

5. Create a Landing Page and Run Ads

This is probably the easiest way to get email subscribers for your blog. But you can’t just run ads and bring the visitors directly to your blog. Again, offer them something here. Maybe a free course or an ebook again?

Once they click on your ad, they are going to reach a landing page where they will be asked to enter their email and download the book.

You can check one of my landing pages here: Free Blogging Course

I’m running a Facebook Ads with and landing all the visitors on the above page. Each lead costs me 50 cents.

I know I’m fanboying ConvertKit a lot, but you can also create unlimited landing pages on ConvertKit. They have over 30+ premium landing pages designs to choose from. Check out some of the landing pages here. 

6. Use Chatbots

I extensively use chatbots to grow my email subscribers. If nothing works, Chatbots work really well for me. In fact, it has given me most of the email subscribers.

People have started preferring messaging platforms to contact businesses. I thought why not try in a blog? I looked around for some of the chatbots and settled to Collect Chat.

Later, I found that visitors are engaging more with a chatbot than the forms.

India’s famous Digital Marketer Sorav Jain claims that he generated 39,000 subscribers with the help of Collect Chat.

7. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

I know you want to know a lot of things about your email subscriber. But, asking too many things can overwhelm them. In fact, a lot of Digital Marketers suggest asking only the email. Not even the 1st name.

Hence, it is better to have a great email marketing tool.

ConvertKit has tags and segments options. That means if someone subscribes through any of the methods, you can differentiate them with the help of Tags and Segments.

They work something like this:

tags and sequences convertkit

This way, you can send targetted emails rather than sending one thing to everyone. Target emails have their own benefits such as more open rates and high click-through rates. Because your subscribers are getting emails as per their interest.

8. Write Guest Posts

This would not only help you to grow your email subscribers but, it will also give a backlink to your website.

You must be thinking – How can I get email subscribers to my blog while writing on some other blog?

You can try out a landing page! In your post, talk about your ebook or webinar and give them the landing page link. If you find a good enough website to try, get ready! Because your email list is about to grow.

I generally hire someone from Fiverr to write small guest posts for me. You may try the same.

9. Show Social Proof

You must have come across some of those forms where they show customer reviews or something like – Join the list of 10,000 people.

These kinds of messages give social proof and your visitors feel more comfortable while giving the email address.

This works even if you don’t have anything to offer in exchange.


I hope this article was helpful. How many subscribers you have? 


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