How to Build Website Without Coding Skills

Everyone needs a website these days. But not every one of us acquires coding skills. So what do we do? We pay 1000s of Dollars to web developers. But today, you will learn how to build a website without coding skills!

I was a coding geek in my High-School. When my classmates were learning about the basics of computers, I was already coding in C++ and building programs.

But with time, I lost interest and completely forgot how to code.

When I started my first business, I needed a website. Paying someone was completely out of the question as I was just a college student. Moreover, I had no idea how to build websites, especially without coding skills.

I chose templates in Microsoft Word and saved them as .html file and uploaded it on a server. Created a static website.

It looked something like this:

simple website without coding

I know. It was bad.

With time, I learned about the domain, hosting, website builders, and many things. So much that I started my own web development companies.

Let me tell you a secret, I never coded for any of my clients!

Here’s how you can build a website without coding skills:

Website Builders

There are many Website Builders around. You get pre-built templates that suit your needs. Website builders are great for static websites.

If you have a small business or need a website for personal branding or you’re just a hobbyist. You can go with website builders as they are easier and cheaper.

I personally love Zyro Website Builder and use the same for my clients. So, I’ll be talking about the same here.

You can read my detailed Zyro Review Here. Here’s the sneak peek of Zyro builder:

zyro resize

In website builders, all you have to do is drag and drop elements. Or, just click on them and edit it. They also provide domain names, SSL Certificates, and hosting in one place. So, you don’t have to worry about multiple things.

They also provide basic SEO options so that you don’t break your head again around it.

If you want something complex like an eCommerce website, you can build those websites too. With the price as low as $21.99 you can sell unlimited products.

E-commerce functionality, payment integration, gift cards, discounts everything is taken care of by the website builders without writing a single line of code yourself.

So yes, making websites with the help of a builder is a no brainer and that’s one of the easiest ways of making a website without coding.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you need more customizable options and multiple functionalities, you can always choose the CMS platforms like WordPress. However, you will have to buy a domain and web hosting separately.

Web Hosting for WordPress – Complete Buying Guide for 2020

50% of websites across the world are using WordPress right now. (Source: W3 Techs)

WordPress also works on pre-built themes. But, there are literally millions of options to choose from. More likely, you will get what you are exactly looking for.

Also, there are thousands of plugins made for WordPress websites to make your function easier.

You should choose WordPress if you’re starting a blog, a scalable business that needs extensive digital marketing, or you are willing to learn something new.

With time, you will definitely learn a lot of things and improve your website.

Each theme in WordPress comes with builders. The easiest ones are Elementor and Divi by Elegant Themes. Both of them have 100s of templates to choose from. I personally like Divi and use it for most of my clients.

In WordPress, every theme is different. So rather than spending hours on understanding the customizations of each theme, I choose the simple and easiest options.

Conclusion – Building Website Without Coding

In 2020, it is really not necessary to learn to code for building awesome websites. In fact, I prefer WordPress Themes even if I know to code.

But yes, if you need more dynamic functions and complete customizations, it is always preferable to hire developers and build a website from scratch.

For more useful tools, you can head over to my recommendations here. These are the tools I use for my business.

So, which method will you use today?

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